eating snowflakes

coffee bags

Hey guys and gals...

Do you have any coffee bags you can send my way?

I am looking for the anniversary blend  and the kopelani bags .. and any other pretty ones you can send my way!!

Im willing to make a trade...

maybe a bracelet or earrings for handfull of the bags?
eating snowflakes

Propositioning is FUN

I have a proposition for you Baristas (or others) out there

I would like to get some more plastic gift cards coming in again.


If you send me a Priority Small Flat Rate Box (US Post office, free box. Shipping cost 4.95. Fits about 200 cards)

I will paypal you the shipping costs
I will send you back a BRACELET, EARRINGS and NECKLACE made with the gift card of your choosing (as long as I have the card in my collection.)

Soooo.. Who is game?